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This event has already occurred. Links to resources from the event can be found below.

ASGLB Data Reference Group: Session 5 – Adopter-Level Template for RAAs, VAAs and LAs not in a live RAA

Session 5: Wednesday 20 January 2021, 12:00 to 1:00pm


The purpose of the Data Reference Group is to work with members to support the collection of high-quality ASGLB child- and adopter-level data. The focus of this next set of Data Reference Group meetings is to discuss the ways the data collection templates can be developed to make them easier to be completed and improve the quality of the data collected. Topics discussed will include exploring the feasibility and potential usefulness of collecting additional data items and adding in status flags to assist with clearing errors, for example:

Adopter-Level Template

  • Adding ‘FFA/CP match date’ and ‘FFA/CP placement date’ data fields to match the data collected within the child-level template
  • Adding a ‘family-finding status’ data field to be able to report on how many families are actively looking to be matched with a child/ren
  • Expanding the ‘reason left the process’ data field
  • Adding a ‘number of children approved to adopt’ data field
  • Adding status flags for ‘fast-tracked approvals’ and ‘private/non-agency adoption’ to clear queries where data items are not available
  • Adding a section on the ‘Instructions’ tab to collect the ‘number of enquiries’ and ‘number of ROIs’ per quarter

This list is not exhaustive and is only for consideration, so if there are other ways you feel the data collection can be developed, please email [email protected] and your ideas can be added to the list to be discussed.

A final list for discussion and meeting agenda will be circulated in January 2021, together with the Microsoft Teams meeting invite.

  • Event date:
    January 20, 2021
  • Event location:
    Microsoft Teams
  • Author:
    Louise Jelks