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How we can help

Coram-i improvement services


We offer a range of consultancy services to local authority partners covering various routes to permanency, including adoption, fostering and special guardianship arrangements.

Improvement support

This consists of one-off consultations or longer term support. Our approach is tailored to your needs and we offer a full range of solutions. The different types of improvement support include:

Specialist consultations: Our experienced multi-disciplinary team, including social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, can provide one-off, case focused discussions to enable agreement on care plans; or advice about the way forward in complex cases, such as sibling separation or placement of older children who have suffered disruption.  We also conduct audits of case files.

Support and coaching: Working with staff, we will introduce new ways of operating that will improve performance in line with the national agenda.

Embedded team: Our staff will work within your service to support its delivery and role model how to work effectively.

Managed service: By taking on the management of a particular service within the local authority, Coram-i will share responsibility for the service.

Delivered service: Providing the delivery of the service on behalf of a local authority.

Integration services: Helping with the integration of multiple agencies, based on what we have learnt from the creation of agencies such as Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption Agency.

Download our improvement services leaflet here.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) evaluation

Working with local areas as they assess their progress in implementing the SEND reforms in line with the Code of Practice 2014 (, we can support them by: conducting an independent evaluation; reviewing their self-evaluation; coordinating a peer thematic review; and providing support to deliver necessary improvements to fulfil their statutory responsibilities.

Adoption service diagnostics

We use the diagnostic to identify differences in the types of children under the responsibility of the local authority; drift in children’s adoption journeys and analyse the possible reasons for long care journeys; drift in adopters’ journeys and possible reasons for delays; calculate the productivity rate of services in placing children and recruiting adopters; and calculate unit cost of placing a child for adoption. Download our adoption diagnostic leaflet here.

Legal deep dive

The aim of the legal deep dive is to provide a quantitative analysis of care planning and court processes for young children in a local authority. From this we develop hypotheses about the reasons for blockages and delay, and suggest areas of improvement in social work and legal planning. Download our legal deep dive leaflet here.

Tracking tool

This tool will give managers and staff meaningful data that will help them manage their cases and keep track of performance. It has been designed through our improvement support work to meet the needs that existing ICS do not. It will complement an ICS and so will be particularly invaluable to any agencies that are integrating their services.