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Objects & Their Stories


A new course for social workers and carers

The objects around us are intertwined with our feelings & experiences. Exploring our relationship with those objects can give us a greater understanding of other people and ourselves. “Objects & their Stories” is a new online training course developed by Coram-i and our colleagues at CoramBAAF. The course is designed for foster carers and social workers to build on their initial training and is a natural progression of life story work.


About the course

The training will focus on the individual, their story, and how to incorporate this into the work they do with children and young people. The course will demonstrate how objects can evoke, release and relieve emotions, how objects can become a safe home for these feelings, and how a focus on objects can free the imagination and promote creative practices and relationships.

Themes & Learning Outcomes

The training will be based around six sessions:

  • How objects can be meaningful.
  • Powerful and precious objects.
  • Using objects to tell the world who you are.
  • Uncomfortable, puzzling or painful objects.
  • Using objects and collections of objects to make difficult situations easier.
  • Exploring life stories through objects.

Although the focus of the training is work with children and young people, the questions posed can be helpfully asked of anyone – young or adult, personal carer or professional worker. Those attending the course will be invited to share objects from their own lives.

Dates and booking details

The course consists of six sessions, run online via Zoom.

The fee for all six sessions is £60. For dates, more information and to register for the course please follow the link here.