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ASGLB Making Better Use of Data

Workshop 3 - Maintaining Permanency - 10am-4pm 14 February 2020


The purpose of the ASGLB is to help ensure that children in care who cannot live with their birth parents are placed with an alternative permanent family that nurtures, protects and provides them with a sense of belonging. As a key part of this work, the Board has collected and analysed data on a number of indicators in the adoption system for a number of years. In light of the Modernising Permanence Programme and the Board’s additional focus on special guardianship, we are now undertaking a review of whether we are making good use of all the data that is already collected in relation to children in care, and in particular with respect to special guardianship and adoption.

This is the third workshop under this review, focusing on Maintaining Permanency, for which we have drafted a data model.

The aim of this workshop is to consult with stakeholders on the following:

–          Does the structure of this data model need to be refined? (anything missing, needing to be changed or removed etc)

–          What should we be measuring to ensure a clear understanding of how well the system is performing in relation to the theme?

–          What data is currently collected that we can use?

–          For measures where there is no data, which ones are important enough for us to consider collecting data and how might we collect the data?

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  • Event date:
    February 14, 2020
  • Event location:
    Coram Campus, London WC1N 1AZ
  • Author:
    Kevin Yong