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Introducing the CII Collective


Across the sector, over the past few years, many services have been trialling new ways to meet the needs of those they support and keep pace with evolving risks and threats to young people’s safety and security. This has led to the emergence of new approaches, products, services and system changes, many of which capitalise on the possibilities afforded by new technology, some of which were necessarily adopted when Covid-19 forced us to rethink practice to maintain services. Innovation in children’s social care is more important than ever.

In this context, every year the Coram Innovation Incubator produces the CII Innovation Collective, a unique repository for its members which seeks to collate and report on innovative projects and approaches which have been developed in a bid to tackle key sectoral challenges.

You can read the 2022-23 CII Innovation Collective here

You can read last year’s CII Innovation Collective here

To contribute to future editions of the CII Innovation Collective or to find out more about the Coram Innovation Incubator, please email [email protected]