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Coram Innovation Incubator Webinar 2

Protecting Children in the Post-Covid World


In the CII’s second webinar, “Protecting Children in the Post-Covid World”, we were privileged to be joined by Greg McKay, Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector Lead for Public Health and Social Services, and Ade Adetosoye, Chief Executive at the London Borough of Bromley.  

Both colleagues brought their extensive insight and experience to bear on this critical topic: Greg was formerly a homicide detective and director of the Arizona Department of Child Safety and Ade is also Bromley’s former Director of Children’s Services, and oversaw an impressive transition after the service was previously rated inadequate by Ofsted.

With a transnational perspective, the webinar provided a platform to interrogate a number of key questions: what can the sector learn from the pandemic and previous crisis events, the approach policy makers must take to enable children’s services to develop the capacity to cope post-covid, and how we might productively integrate new technology to enhance the life chances of vulnerable children as we start to emerge from the pandemic. You can watch the webinar here:

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