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Coram Innovation Incubator Webinar 4

Innovation Through Collaboration


How can we work beyond boundaries to create a better future for our most vulnerable?  How do we implement a framework which allows us to successfully work in partnership?


With the world around us becoming increasingly complex, innovation is more important than ever as we seek to find new solutions to grand challenges. A central element of successful innovation is collaboration – between organisations, between sectors and between professionals.

This is especially crucial for children’s services; children’s lives are multi-faceted and they need the agencies and professionals across their lives to communicate, share information and work together to achieve better outcomes for them.

For our 4th CII webinar Coram CEO Dr Carol Homden and Coram-i Managing Director, Kevin Yong were joined by Neil Sartorio, Lead Partner for Local Public Services, EY and Chris Wright, Chief Executive of Catch 22 to explore this important topic.

You can watch the webinar via the link below.

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